I wish each site would be as protected as ours. Here, I’m actually wishing it.

Vyacheslav Loshkarev,
Head of Internet Communications and Monitoring Department, Gazprom

Out of interest I decided to see if I could work in Imprimatur myself. I figured it out.

Anna Katlinskaya,
Internal and External Communications Manager, Baby Club

At first, the name Imprimatur struck me as very strange. I still think it is. Then again, it doesn’t really matter when everything is working as it should.

Elena Vakheta,
Financial Director, Helpline

After 13 years of working with Imprimatur it has almost become a part of my family.

Natalya Masarskaya,
Chief Editor, Internet Presence, AlfaBank

You want me to say something about Imprimatur? Will you post my happy smile? Great. That’s what’s really important.

Evgeny Semyonov-Ezhov,
Chief Specialist, Marketing and Communications Department, Vozrozhdeniye bank